Coach Teresa McCloy

Author of Do What Matters: Live from Rest Not Rush Using the REALIFE Process®


  • Is now the time to step into who you were designed to be & do what you were created to do?

  • Are you looking for a Process to guide you?

Let's work together to equip you to design a process that finally works in your REALIFE.

So often our efforts get squelched, and the day-to-day gets in the way.

What you need is a process to build your life and work with your values in mind.

Together we can create a plan to Do What Matters!

Hey there, I'm Teresa McCloy.

I am the creator of the REALIFE Process®, a Coach, and an author, who helps others design their best REALIFE!  I've worked with clients from all over the world to help them bring clarity to their REALIFE and joy to their REALWORK! 

My NEW book Do What Matters Live from Rest Not Rush Using the REALIFE Process® was just released in the fall of 2022 

I love custom designing a REALIFE Process by partnering with each client individually.  We will walk together to identify the distractions that take you off course from managing your time and discover how to prioritize projects in your life and business to help you gain back time for fun and friendships!

Whether you are looking to coach with me privately or you are looking to become Certified as a REALIFE Process Coach I am just glad you are here and finding the next steps to living the life you were created to live! Your REALIFE!

Ways to Work with Teresa

Check out the different ways we can build your REALIFE together!

Build a Business and Love Your Life


6 Monthly Payments of $875

Private Coaching Includes:

Complete PDF-FIllable Guidebook for Life and Business Planning, 2 Full Assessments, A Minimum of 15 Coaching Sessions, Option for In-Person Sessions or Day Retreat

  • Create a written plan using the REALIFE Process® for both Business & Life

  • Gain Awareness with our REALIFE Personality Tools™ and Needs & Values Assessment

  • Develop a  Mission & Vision for the next one to three years with Actionable Steps

  • Grow Yourself & Your Team 

  • Learn new ways to manage and control your Time with a Purpose

  • Write Sytems and Processes  for clarity and ease in the work you do

  • Discover Sustainable Rthymns  Routines and Behaviors that lead to growth personally and professionally.


REALIFE Process Coach Certification


or 4 Payments of $500

At the REALIFE Process®, we invest in YOU so you can invest in other people.

Through training and coaching, you’ll discover the power of the REALIFE Process® for yourself AND learn how to use it with your clients.

Experience the power of the Process, and then help others do the same

Benefits of the Certification
  • Certification Training 6 week Cohort Program
  • Connection and Networking with other  Coaches. Leaders and Speakers.
  • Community of Faith Focused like-minded people.
  • Content Done for you and ready to go to work with your clients! PDF - Fillable Guidebook,    2 Complete Assessments, Coaching Tools, Marketing Training etc. all ready to use in your business as a coach, leader or speaker.

Private Coaching 8 Sessions through the REALIFE Process®


5 payments of $600

Walk through the REALIFE Process® with me as your guide. 

Private Coaching Package Includes:

Complete REALIFE Process  PDF -Fillable Guidebook, 2 Full Assessments with Review Sessions and 6 Coaching Sessions

  • REALIFE Enneagram Personality Profile™ and Review Session

  • REALIFE Needs and Values Assessment™ and Review Session

  • 6 Coaching Sessions through all 4 components of the Process.

  • 1 Coaching Session on the 90 Day Review™.



Read this before you go!

I know it's tough to make an online decision, especially as an entrepreneur, business owner, or leader.  I struggled at this so much and have failed in more than one business and those struggles have blown up lots of relationships.

It all turned around when I created a process to manage my REALIFE that was practical and sustainable. 

I've been able to shift my focus to what really matters and see success start to flow my way!

I want to help you too.  It's time to STOP trying to use someone else's system and design your very own REALIFE Process®!


Remember - "Every ordinary day has extraordinary moments; you just have to look for them!"

"The REALIFE Process has given me permission to let go of all the dozens of things that made me busy and unproductive and focus on the most important people and projects with much greater intention. "

Susan K. Jones
Psychotherapist/ Coach in Private Practice

"The REALIFE Process® helped melt my frustration, provide a new way to plan and accomplish what matters most AND enjoy the process! I was at a place in my entrepreneurial journey where I finally admitted, “I need help!” I am now making progress toward the projects that mean the most in my work AND my life."

Mark Ross
Thinking Partner - Next Thing Group
Greater Houston, TX Area

"The REALIFE Process® has given me words for my purpose and helped me be clear about what is important and where I want to go. Understanding who I am at my core has allowed me to live how I want to live so I can then do my best work. "

Janna Thomason BSN RN-BC
Life Coach

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