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Hey there, I'm Teresa McCloy.

I am the creator of the REALIFE Process®, a Coach, Speaker, and  Enneagram Professional who helps YOU discover and live out YOUR best REALIFE! 

Our REALIFE Process® Team loves the tool of the Harmony Enneagram and the FULL CIRCLE awareness it brings–head, heart, and gut! 

The REALIFE Enneagram Personality Profile™ is unique, because it is processed through the Harmony Model Enneagram which connects each Enneagram Type to an IQ, EQ, and GQ Space. 

We cannot wait to share your personalized results with you!

ENNEAGRAM in Your REALIFE Personality Profile Package


* Includes One Enneagram Online Personality Profile
*Customized Harmony Enneagram Results Packet
*A Harmony Triad Video Guide from REALIFE Process® Creator, Coach and Accredited Enneagram Professional, Teresa McCloy

Discover your type and how to move toward living your best REALIFE!

YES! I want the Enneagram Profile Package!

"The Enneagram hi-lighted my desire to grow towards my true authentic self. It provides insight to how others see the world and even more powerfully how people see you. I have shared this self-awareness resource with all my family and friends because I want them to have the opportunity to live life emotionally healthy in their relationships with others and with themselves. "

Lisa Teichmiller
SYMBIS Facilitator | www.symbislovestory.com

"The Enneagram changed my life! It is an amazing tool to discover more about yourself, your strengths & weaknesses. It has helped me in my relationships to understand how we are all different. "

Amy Meinhart
Country Financial© Office Assistant

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