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Guided by a REALIFE Process® Certified Facilitator, you can discover your Enneagram Harmony Triad–your Head, Heart, and Gut Connection. You'll begin naming and applying your individual Needs and Values to start living a life that truly matters to you as your discover your authentic self!

Working with a Certified Facilitator, you'll also learn to apply the 4 Steps of the REALIFE Process® in your life. You'll create your big picture REALIFE View™, design 90 day Action Projects, organize your calendar to do what matters and develop sustainable rhythms of rest, renew, and review.


Meet Teresa McCloy, Creator of
the REALIFE Process®

Teresa McCloy

REALIFE Process® Creator, ACC Certified Coach, Enneagram Professional

Teresa is committed to helping you discover your best REALSELF, live your best REALIFE, and do your best REALWORK. She created the REALIFE Process® for herself as a recovering workaholic and Type Three on the Enneagram, to really slow down and stop living with her hair on fire to truly do what matters. Along that way, she's developed a Modern Day Rule of Life that allows her to breathe deep her passion for connection, equipping coaches and consultants, and noticing the extraordinary amongst the ordinary moments.

She's so excited to share the REALIFE Process® Framework with you and excited to introduce you to these certified coaches and facilitators. 

Teresa is a Keynote Speaker, Podcaster, and a Certified Coach through the International Coaching Federation, as well as an Accredited Enneagram Professional who serves on the International Enneagram Association Global Board.

Teresa lives with her husband Dale on their 3rd Generation family grain farm in South Central Illinois. She still drives a tractor when needed and loves a great cup of coffee or a long lingering meal with friends!

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REALIFE Process® Certified Coaches

Erica Vinson

REALIFE Process® CPO & Coach

Erica Vinson loves meeting the people behind the REALIFE Process® and collaborating to help create content and connection!

She uses the REALIFE Process® + the tool of the Enneagram to help clients gain deeper self-awareness and grow in relationships with others both personally and professionally. With her teacher’s heart, Erica loves serving educators to expand their impact as they serve on teams, empower their students, and partner with parents. As a Type Six on the Enneagram, she also has a passion to see folks courageously face their fears and move forward in greater freedom toward more fear<less ways of living!

Erica is a Life Coach, Certified ©iEnneagram Motions of the Soul Practitioner, and Certified Elementary Education Teacher with MS Endorsement in Reading.

She loves playing golf, waterskiing, traveling, spending time with friends and family, and is especially fond of being an Auntie to her nieces and nephew.

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Terri Johnson

REALIFE Process® Coach

Terri Johnson is a mom of 4 children and a slew of grandkids! She works by day on the leadership team at an agency that treats Substance Use Disorders. Terri has a passion for recovery and sharing the journey with others.

She brings years of group and individual coaching and counseling experience to the work she does with the REALIFE Process®. Terri is a Type Seven on the Enneagram and "joy" is always in abundance when she's around–in fact, it's her middle name!


REALIFE Process® Certified Facilitators

Phil & Lynn Brown

Charter Facilitator

St Irenaeus, a second century Christian bishop said this, “The glory of God is man fully alive.” Lynn and Phil Brown are marriage coach/trainers who come aside married/premarried couples and individuals so that their lives can be made fully alive. Their life experience and training uniquely qualify them for this calling. They have been married for 37 years. They are certified SYMBIS facilitators, and they have been trained in a number of prayer ministry tools incorporating these when appropriate into their marriage coaching/training.

Lynn has been a travel agent, English-2nd language instructor, and mother. Phil is a retired ER Physician director and Chief Medical officer and is presently pursuing ACC ICF certification.

Phil and Lynn enjoy walking long sandy beaches, hosting family and friends in their  mountaintop retreat in beautiful Vermont. They love to travel. Their cats, Solomon and Charlie and border collie, Angelica, make life even fuller for Phil and Lynn.    

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Angela Gage

Charter Facilitator

I create safe spaces for others to become still and listen in the context of their own story, waiting for the discernment needed to clarify their purpose so that they might confidently fulfill their God-given destiny.

My hope to help others yearning to fit into their own skin and remember what is essential about being themselves began after experiencing a dark night of the soul season as I entered my second half of life and the unexpected death of my late husband by suicide.

I longed to remember God's purpose in creating me and to align my everyday life with his story, yet this required the discipline of being still, listening, and discerning what is real for me personally.

As a licensed and ordained Christian minister, I have been inviting others for the last 15 years to the ministry of presence called Spiritual Direction and Christian contemplative retreats onsite and online. In addition, I am a trained and certified ®iEnneagram practitioner 



Carol Hassell

Charter Facilitator

Carol is a retired minister, a seasoned spiritual director, and an experienced enneagram teacher and consultant. 

As a REALIFE Process Facilitator, she brings all of these together to provide a transformative experience for individuals and groups. She is excited to bring the REALIFE Process to pastors, spiritual directors, counselors, and helping professionals who want to live more authentically in a rhythm of prayer, life, and work that reflects your faith, values, gifts, and joy.


Rob Henson

Charter Facilitator

Rob is a Mindfulness Coach who helps men create more margin in their lives. He is the father of four children who knows the stresses and joys of authentic manhood and parenting.

Rob offers a simple and effective approach for men to use a three-step mindfulness process in their daily life. He is also a Two on the Enneagram. Rob helps his clients discover their place on the Enneagram which informs and enhances the experience of creating more margin for his clients. 

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Mark Ross

Charter Facilitator

I am an Encorepreneur = Doing the work I love and engaging with the people, projects and passions that matter most to me in the second half of life.

Do you desire to enjoy the freedom to pursue the life and work that matters most to you in your second half?
Professional coaching through the REALIFE Process® is a powerful way to move forward.

Let’s explore your Encore!

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Elizabeth Simmons

Charter Facilitator

Elizabeth Simmons is a Certified REALIFE Process® Charter Facilitator, and a Certified ©iEnneagram Practitioner.

Through her warmth and insight, all while using the tools of the Enneagram and The REALIFE Process®, Elizabeth helps clients discover what they hold significant—their needs and values, how they are wired, how they use their time—so they can be better co-workers, spouses, parents and friends. She shows clients how to reflect what really matters on their calendars.

Small business owners, church staffs, corporate leadership teams, small groups and/or individuals, can benefit from the knowledge of discovering their Enneagram Type and how to as Teresa McCloy says, “forget productivity and do what matters.”

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Janna Thomason

Charter Facilitator

Hi, I am Janna Thomason BSN RN-BC and I am the Enneagram Nurse.  I specialize in working with experienced nurses.  I have been a Registered Nurse for over 21 years with a background in Critical Care, Post-Anesthesia, Informatics, and Nursing Professional Development.

I serve nurses by helping them find mid-career/life clarity through the Realife Process and the tool of the Enneagram.  Loving on people, especially nurses is my passion. By learning who we are, we can live our best life and do our best work taking care of our patients!   

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IG - @enneagramnurse

"Employing the REALIFE Process®, along with an understanding of my Enneagram type has given me the tools to elevate my personal life and accelerate my business launch. Working with Teresa one on one provides further clarity while keeping me on course resulting in solid execution of my projects."

Jason Smith

"Before working with the REALIFE Process®, I wondered if there was a better way to balance my priorities in life. My system wasn't working. I was behind on important projects and not getting much out of the time with my family. Learning to time block through the REALIFE Process® helped me break down my projects into smaller manageable steps and give priority to the things and people that truly matter in my life."

Ruthie Slingerland

"Walking through the REALIFE Process® with Teresa McCloy and the team has helped me realize that breaking down projects, goals, and tasks into smaller consistent bites moves me forward faster toward my goal. I have consistently piled everything into the list and end up not moving forward. The REALIFE Process® has helped me know that it is okay to have one brick in the block and my house will get built faster! Spending time with the REALIFE Community virtually or in person is a must to keep you from going back to the old habits. "

Mary Lawson