the REALIFE Process® & Profit Challenge 


the REALIFE Process®
& Profit Challenge 

Starting Monday, November 29th
@ 12 PM CT (90 Min Experience)

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The REALIFE Process® serves faith based coaches and entrepreneurs to develop & diversity their business while increasing their impact & income!

Experience the Coaching Process to Increase Your Profit

Matthew 16:26 says,
"For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul?" 

It is possible to increase your profit without living with your hair on fire and forfeiting your soul! There is another way!

Join now! We'll be LIVE all week – November 29th-December 3rd! 

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Part 1 of the 90 Min Challenge Experience -

REALIFE Practical Daily Application at 12 PM CT:


It's possible to align your Needs and Values with your Areas of Focus


It's possible to move forward in Areas of Focus with Manageable Projects


It's possible to have a Calendar that aligns with your Needs and Values


It's possible to live a sustainable life that honors your Needs and Values in relationship with God


It's possible to increase your profit without living with your hair on fire and forfeiting your soul

+ REALIFE Group Coaching Daily at 1 PM CT

Part 2 of the 90 Minute Challenge Experience will feature Group Coaching with our whole REALIFE Process Challenge Team at 1 PM CT. 

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I'm ready to gain confidence in my purpose and increase my profit!

If it's FREE, what's the catch? At the end of the challenge, we will invite you to consider joining our REALIFE Process Facilitator Program where you can receive CONTENT, COMMUNITY, & COACHING to support you as you live your REALIFE Purpose & Increase Your Profit. If the timing isn't right for you to join our Facilitator Program, you'll still walk away with 5 FREE Days of REALIFE Process Content, Confidence, and Group Coaching to move you forward!

Here's what some of our REALIFE Facilitators have to say about their experience–

Rachel Thompson 

As a REALIFE Process Facilitator, I am given so much access to great content - not only from the RPF team but also from the other coaches within the community. I love having the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals on a weekly basis who are all using the REALIFE Process in a variety of ways to help others move forward in their life and/or business.

Mark Ross

The REALIFE Process has helped me move from feeling overwhelmed to a sustainable process that identifies priorities into several key projects every 90+/- days. This has resulted in noticeable peace of mind, increased productivity with what matters most, and supportive engagement in a like-minded community. I have also grown in net worth because of my network.

Michelle Mullins

The community, content & coaching is the perfect blend! As a facilitator, I am encouraged, inspired, and equipped to invest in myself as a coach, my business, and the people I love to serve. I'm so grateful to be a part of the community and the mission behind The Realife Process and seeing all the beautiful and amazing ways it's being carried into the world.

Meet our REALIFE Process Challenge Team

Are you ready to take an intentional step toward gaining confidence and congruency in living out your purpose in order to increase your profit? 

Our REALIFE Process Challenge Team is ready to support you in your journey!

Each day, I'll be on the Zoom Platform LIVE at 12 PM CT for our FREE Daily Challenge, and my team of REALIFE Coaches, Terri Johnson and Erica Vinson will join me to support you with Group Coaching every day at 1 PM CT. 

Show up ready and willing to take action and we'll bring the REALIFE Process® & Profit Challenge! 

Looking forward to embracing this extraordinary week with you, 

Teresa McCloy, REALIFE Process® Founder & CEO 

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