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As a coach, speaker, or trainer, you are committed to helping others make progress.
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Grow your impact and increase your revenue by becoming a
REALIFE Process® Certified Coach!

At the REALIFE Process®, we invest in YOU as you invest in other people.
Through our training, you’ll discover the power of the REALIFE Process® and learn how to use it with your clients in 1-2-1 or group coaching, in speaking, and in leading workshops and retreats.
Experience the power of the Process, and help others do the same through your unique style either as a coach, organizational leader, speaker, or trainer.

Here is exactly what you’ll get when you
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A  Done-for-you process with a guidebook and templates you can use with your clients in groups, workshops, retreats, and one-on-one settings as a coach, speaker, mentor or leader.

Lifetime access to utilize the REALIFE Process® in your business and with your clients. All the content and assessments are yours for life!

Live professional training to develop your own skills as a REALIFE Process Certified Coach™ using the tools as a coach, speaker, or organizational leader.

Opportunities to collaborate and learn in your cohort and the RLP Network Community™ to build lasting relationships with others.

Connect with others through our weekly group coaching calls and connect even deeper to our team and coaches in our RLP Network.

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What is the
REALIFE Process®?

The REALIFE Process® is a proven framework that helps you do what matters as you learn to live from rest, not rush.

Using the four components of the Process, you and your clients will develop a unique, Modern Day Rule of Life™ through self-discovery, 90-day projects, time management, and spiritual practices. Use all the components together or as stand-alone workshops, training, and retreats.

The Four Components of the REALIFE Process®:

  • REALIFE Being™: Name what matters uniquely to YOU and identify your big areas of focus, both personally and professionally. 
  • REALIFE Action™: Develop projects and action steps to make progress on your areas of focus.
  • REALIFE Time™: Use your calendar to block out time for what matters, including time for yourself, your people, projects, and tasks.
  • REALIFE Living™: Learn rhythms of rest, renew, and review to create sustainable growth and progress.

Do you feel stuck in coaching and would love to use a framework with your clients?
Are you isolated and want to connect with others who get the
highs and lows of what you do?

Then the REALIFE Process Certification Program™
was created for YOU.

Get a done-for-you framework with content that you can begin using immediately and grow alongside a group of like-minded people.

Stop trying to create content from scratch and use our proven process to see tangible growth in your business. Our content can be used as a stand-alone process or as a supplement to your own content.

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REALIFE Process Certified Coach™

Come for the content.
Stay for the community.

Here’s what our REALIFE Process Coaches™ have to say:

"The REALIFE Process® gives me the language, framework, and structure to feel more free in both my personal life and my coaching practice."

Nancy Lopez
Certified in the REALIFE Process®

"The REALIFE Process® has given me words to my purpose and helped me be clear with what is important and where I want to go. Understanding who I am at my core has allowed me to live how I want to live so I can then do my best work."

Janna Thomason
Certified in the REALIFE Process®

"I can’t imagine where I or my work would be without The REALIFE Process®. It has helped me to prioritize my Projects, gain control over my time, and say no to work that doesn’t need to get done. What’s more, it has delivered peace and confidence to me. Instead of feeling controlled by my to-do list, I now feel in control of my to-do list. My work now works for me."

Chris Heinz
Certified in the REALIFE Process®

As an entrepreneur, you do it ALL. What might be possible if some of it was done FOR you?

Free up your time to focus on what you do best: helping people.

Discover what’s possible when you have a proven process to use as a repeatable framework to use in the work you do.

Hi, I’m Teresa McCloy, creator and founder of the REALIFE Process®.

I created the REALIFE Process® so I could stop living with my hair on fire and intentionally design my life. I’ve used this system to increase my income, market my business, manage my time, and improve relationships, and I love helping others do the same in their own lives and as Certified Coaches of the REALIFE Process®.

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REALIFE Process® right for you?
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Next 6-Week Certification Cohort
begins Monday October 16th
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