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A Virtual Retreat for Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Executives and Growth Minded Leaders.

Come join us to discover your best REALSELF, live your best REALIFE, and do your best REALWORK, as we guide you to Live with Greater Intention and Create your own Modern Day Rule of Life to guide you the decisions you make each day!


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REALIFE Process® Retreat 

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Breaks will be taken during the virtual retreat and the content will be VERY interactive! This is not a Power Point Driven Retreat but a virtual interaction!

"If you don't come apart for a while, you will come apart after a while." –Dallas Willard

Hey there, everyone!

Having an intentional plan can make all the difference in your life and your business.  Having the space and support can make that plan become a reality.

We value face to face connection and deep relationships and know they provide extraordinary support in moving beyond living with your hair on fire!

I can't wait for you to experience a different way of doing life and business through the REALIFE Process®. In this virtual retreat setting, we will walk you step by step through the unique 4 Step REALIFE Process® and allow you the time and give you the support needed to move forward with confidence and greater intention.  

I promise you that this will not be hours of sitting and watching a slide deck. This will be an out of your seat, out of the box retreat in the comfort of your own home!  We will be bringing you all the best experiences of the in person retreat, including snacks!

I can't wait to be together! I will miss not being able to meet you face to face but we will make that happen when you attend the in person retreat next year at an extraordinary discount.

–Teresa McCloy, CEO & Creator of the REALIFE Process®

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You want to be in control of your calendar, increase your income, improve your health, and enhance relationships and live your best REALIFE!

So often our efforts get squelched, and the day-to-day gets in the way. What you need is a process to build your life and work with your values in mind.

I created the REALIFE Process© for myself and now share it with clients to help them discover themselves through the tool of the Enneagram, enjoy their REALIFE, and do then bring their best work.

At the REALIFE Process® Retreat, our team would love to partner with YOU to help discover your values and enjoy your life at the next level. 


You can have less stress, more time for relationships and yourself, and focus on your passion and business. 


The process works because you'll learn to block time according to your values, say “no” to those things that don’t move you forward, and hit hard on the things that truly matter.

We want to make sure you have the BEST
virtual experience possible.
Seats are limited to just 12 attendees.
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"This retreat is so much more than an opportunity to gain knowledge- it’s a safe place where lifelong relationships are formed and healthy introspection is celebrated. From the moment we walked into the first meeting, my (typically reserved, reluctant) husband and I felt ushered into a most enriching, loving community. Teresa is one of the most nurturing humans you will ever meet. I highly recommend this retreat to anyone who desires health in their relationships or any degree of success in the marketplace."

Karthi Masters
Writer, Life Coach, and Podcast Host – The Listening Well

"The REALIFE Retreat was SUPER helpful and FUN! I deepened connections with some folks I know and made new connections with others. The focused time and the free flow time blended so that I left refreshed to pursue what matters most in work and life! SIGN ME UP AGAIN!"

Mark Ross
Encorepreneur, Life & Leadership Coach, Speaker, Artist – Next Thing Coaching and Consulting

"What a gift to my heart and my soul! The combination of understanding myself better with practical, do-able applications has been immensely beneficial to me. The cherry on top was the laughter and connections made with (new) friends!"

Elizabeth Simmons
Certified Enneagram Practitioner

"The retreat was valuable both personally and professionally. The Harmony Triad Model of the Enneagram is outstanding. I said it at the retreat and I'll say it again–I have been working on my full (God created) self for years.  The Harmony Triad nailed it for me. I now have the tools to be who I am completely rather than staying who I default to be. I would highly recommend Teresa McCloy and The REALIFE Process® if you are looking to grow personally and professionally. "

Maggie Meylor
Southeastern Illinois Community Foundation - Grants Administrator

Design Your Own REALIFE Process® Using our Unique 4 Step Framework and Create Your Own Modern Day Rule of Life!



Step 1 - REALIFE View

Discover your best REALSELF through the tool of the Harmony Enneagram and ensure your Values and Gifts are matching your Areas of Focus

Step 2 - REALIFE Projects

Define and design personal and professional Action Projects and create Steps to complete them within a 90 day plan

Step 3 - REALIFE Time

Build your Calendar to include four integral Time Blocks to truly do what matters

Step 4 - REALIFE Living

Develop a Modern Day Rule of Life including sustainable Rhythms to Rest, Renew and Review
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In addition to the rich virtual community and content you'll receive on retreat, we're excited to share these extraordinary bonuses with you!

BONUS 1 - Enneagram Personality Profile Packet

Expand your Head (IQ), Heart (EQ), and Gut (GQ) wisdom through the tool of the Harmony Enneagram! This bonus includes an Enneagram Personality Profile, Customized Harmony Model Profile Results Packet, and a 60 Minute Review Session with a REALIFE Process® Coach prior to retreat.

BONUS 2 - Needs and Values Program

To prepare your heart for retreat, we'll mail you an amazing tool called a Needs and Values Program to spend some intentional time considering how your unique needs and values give you your success and limit you–prior to retreat! 

BONUS 3 - Enneagram Video Training

In our LIVE retreat on the farm, we spend a significant time looking at our REALSELF through the tool of the Harmony Enneagram. Even though this event will be virtual, we don't want you to miss out, so we're throwing in an extra BONUS and including an Enneagram Video Training called, "Will the REAL Me Please Stand Up?"

BONUS 4 - LIVE 1 to 1 REALIFE Strategy Session

After the retreat, you'll have the opportunity to experience one 60 min REALIFE Strategy Session with Teresa McCloy creator of the REALIFE Process®

BONUS 5 - EXTRAORDINARY DISCOUNT on one LIVE In Person REALIFE Process® Retreat on the Farm just for YOU!

 All Virtual Attendees will have the opportunity to come to one in person retreat through 2021 for just $150!

REALIFE Process® Virtual Retreat Dates are Coming Soon!

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