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Be Your Best REALSELF | Live Your Best REALIFE | Do Your Best REALWORK

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Hello, I'm Erica Vinson. 

I help clients walk through life transitions with confidence and courage in order to move forward with greater freedom and embrace fear<less living!

As a Life Coach, I use the tool of the Enneagram to help clients gain deeper self-awareness and grow in relationships with others both personally and professionally.

With my teacher’s heart, I especially love serving educators to expand their impact as they serve on teams, empower their students, and partner with parents.

Are you ready to courageously live as your best REALSELF?  

Mindset matters and coaching is a powerful way to dive deep into your needs and values and connect the action you're taking to make meaningful forward progress.

The REALIFE Process® is designed to guide you in setting up a sustainable framework and way of living that ensures you're keeping focused on the things that matter, designing purposeful action, scheduling your calendar to include time for self and soul care, the people that matter, projects, and even the daily tasks that deserve your attention. 

The process isn't complete without developing rhythms of rest, renewal and review that allow it to flex and change as you walk through seasons of prosper and even times of crisis. 

It all belongs and is part of fully living your best REALIFE! 

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Mark Ross - Encorepreneur - Next Thing Group - Greater Houston, TX 

"Erica has helped me make significant progress in certain areas of my life and work.
I deeply appreciate her partnering with me to identify and move forward with what matters most.
She is super professional, well trained and just plain enjoyable to work with. 
I know a lot of coaches and Erica is in the top tier."