and the REALIFE Process®

I Had Tried It All and Failed

I had tried it all–every book, every software, and every calendar/planner—to help me be more “productive.” I’ll admit it, I was addicted to productivity and self-help. After years of living life with my hair on fire, I had to make a change.

Finding What Worked

Getting real with myself made it clear I needed to take inventory of my strengths and challenges. Learning to understand more about myself and how I was designed in my own personality and the way I think, feel, act, and react and beginning to develop my own spiritual rhythms and routines.  New patterns began to develop. 

I began to know my REALSELF for the first time in my life. Once I stepped out of the crazy cycle of “productivity,” I started actually designing my life.

I created the REALIFE Process® and integrated this approach of intentional living. I’ve used this system to not only change my internal "being" but to intentionally shift my "doing" which has helped me increase my income, manage my time, and improve relationships, and I love helping others do the same in their own lives and as Certified Coaches for the REALIFE Process®.

My patterns of behavior were costing me in all areas of my life

I was losing passion for work, it was taking a toll on me physically, and it affected my relationships.
I had to choose something different and decide what truly mattered.




I have been married to my husband Dale for 42 years and we live on a 4th generation-family grain farm in Central Illinois. Our daughter and son-in-law live close by and recently blessed us with our first grandson, in June of 2023.

When I’m not on the road speaking, coaching clients, recording a podcast, or training new REALIFE Process Coaches™, I enjoy cooking, gardening, a great cup of coffee with a friend, and of course, traveling as much as possible! Now that I am living and leading from a place of rest not rush the joy has returned to my everyday ordinary REALIFE! It continues to be a process I am enjoying every day.

I want you to feel the joy too. I’m here to help you because, after all, you’re worth it. The right operating system, such as the REALIFE Process®, will most assuredly move you forward in your life and your work!

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Teresa McCloy - Coach, Speaker, Podcaster, Trainer and Creator of the REALIFE Process®

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