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Banish busyness and discover a new way of being productive around what truly matters!

Do What Matters is the authentic story of a recovering workaholic and her journey, through the loss of her son to drug addiction, to a new way of truly living.

Encouraging you to question the desire to rush through life, she inspires you to discover a deeper, more meaningful source of productive energy and intentional life plan.


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Meet the Author,
Teresa McCloy

As a recovering workaholic who was addicted to all the latest apps, software, and best-selling books on productivity, Teresa is passionate about helpingĀ others assess their habits and execute a process to take their everyday, ordinary life to something extraordinary through REALIFEā„¢ Being, Action, Time, and Living.

Teresa is the creator of the REALIFE ProcessĀ®, a faith-focused company that helpsĀ coaches, organizational leaders, speakers, and trainersĀ develop and diversify their business through certification, content, coaching, and community to grow their impact and increase their revenue.

She is an ACC Certified Leadership & Life Coach through the International Coaching Federation, a Certified Spiritual Director, Podcaster, and Keynote Speaker.

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Do What Matters:

Table of Contents:

Living from Rush
Chapter 1: A Hair-On-Fire Life
Chapter 2: A REALIFE Coming Together
Chapter 3: Crafting a Modern Day Rule of Life™

The Process
Chapter 4: REALIFE Being™–Component One
Chapter 5: REALIFE Action™–Component Two
Chapter 6: REALIFE Time™–Component Three
Chapter 7: REALIFE Living™–Component Four

Living from Rest
Chapter 8: Practices Behind the Process
Chapter 9: Practicing a 90 DAY Reset™
Chapter 10: Practicing Living Full Circle

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