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Live from Rest, Not Rush,
Using t
he REALIFE Process®

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REALIFE Process® Certified Master Coaches

Teresa McCloy

REALIFE Process® Creator, Business Coach, Life Coach, Leadership Coach, Spiritual Formation Coach

Erica Vinson

Life & Leadership Coach

Mark Ross

Life & Leadership Coach

Lindsay Sterchi

Spiritual Formation Coach

What difference could it make to work with a REALIFE Process® Certified Coach?

BUILD your REALIFE Process®

Guided by a REALIFE Process Certified Coach™, you'll begin naming and applying your individual Needs and Values to start living a life that truly matters as you discover your authentic self!

You'll also learn to apply the 4 Components of the REALIFE Process® in your life. You'll create your big picture REALIFE View™, design 90-day Action Projects, organize your calendar to do what matters, and develop sustainable rhythms of rest, renew, and review. 

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RLP Certified Coaches

Tim Austin

Life & Leadership Coach

Eve Austin


Phil & Lynn Brown

Marriage Coaches

Rebecca Cook

Life Coach

Angela Gage

Life Coach 

Carol Hassell

Spiritual Director & Consultant

Chris Heinz

Executive Coach & Consultant

Michelle Mullins

Mentor & Coach

Elizabeth Simmons

Mentor & Coach 

Janna Thomason

Life Coach & Speaker

Winston Faircloth

Consultant & Executive Coach

Susan Parker Jones

Counselor & Life Coach

Nancy Lopez

Leadership & Career Transition Coach/Consultant

Tom Mabie

Life & Leadership Coach

Heidi Lewerenz

Leadership & Executive Coach

Greg Reed

Life Coach

Rhonda Peterson

Executive Coach

Georganne Goza

Consultant & Mentor

Lauren Towner

Life Coach & Recovery Coach

Annette Bechtold

Leadership Coach & Consultant

Kathy Goller

Life & Leadership Coach

Sharon Stenger

Life Coach

Kerry Iannone

Life Coach & Trainer

Julie Loy

Consultant & Life Coach

Nancy Bouwens

Coach & Consultant

Linda Timmons

Life Coach & Fitness Coach

Holly Lewry

Life Coach

Suzanna Mathew

ADHD Coach & Group Facilitator

Amy Vasquesz

Life & Leadership Coach

Christine Fooks

Life Coach & Mentor

Victoria Mininger

Business & Leadership Coach

Youngjoo Gibbs

Life Coach

Mike Hamby

Spiritual Director

Aimee Portteus

Life Coach & Educational Consultant

Charndra McKay

Life Coach & Consultant

Jami Covone

Life Coach & Speaker

Sarah Wilson

Self-Forgiveness Coach

Lisa Seay

Leadership Coach & Consultant

"The REALIFE Process® has given me permission to let go of all of the dozens of things that made me busy and unproductive and focus on the most important people and projects with much greater intention."

Susan Parker Jones
Life Coach, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor

"Using the four REALIFE Time™ Blocks to lay out my calendar each week and give me language as to why I was choosing to do something not only has benefited me but is now benefiting the clients that I serve through coaching. "

Tom Mabie
Life & Leadership Coach

"The REALIFE Process® gave me, personally, a structure that created freedom. When I say structure, I mean rhythms, boundaries, and systems. The structure created support that I needed to thrive and feel free. I realized that fun was something I valued and was an important part of my Areas of Focus. I created a local bucket list that included things like a hot air balloon festival, sunflower fields, pickleball, and kayaking."

Janna Thomason
Life Coach, Registered Nurse