001: What's Your Type?

enneagram realife type Dec 26, 2018

The Enneagram is a tool or map for transformation. It offers us access to our most authentic self and helps us to identify adaptive patterns in our behavior as well as motivations behind the ways we act, feel, think, and react. 

As we dive in together, we’ll start with a big picture view and explore each of the three centers of intelligence–the Head (Types 5,6,7), Heart (Types 2,3,4), and Body (Types 8,9,1) Centers.

On this episode, as we look through each of the three centers of intelligence, notice which one feels most natural for you. You might even consider your patterns of speech. Do you start sentences commonly with:

“I think…”

“I feel…”

“I know (instinctively)…”

Each of our home types sits in one of these three centers, but through the Harmony Triad Model have access to the other two centers. 

We’ve created a FREE Enneagram in Your REALIFE Typing Guide Resource you’ll want to download to companion our journey together with this amazing tool! So, what center do you feel like is your “go to” for intelligence? Join us in the FREE REALIFE Tribe Facebook Group and let us know!


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