006: [Types 5,6,7] Distraction Zones of the Head Center

People that call the Head Center home are prone to get distracted and stuck in their thoughts...the spin can be intense, so it's helpful to be able to identify the obstacles, stop the crazy cycle of swirling thoughts, check in with your heart and body, and move forward in freedom as your best whole REALSELF!

On this final episode of the series on Distractions Zones, we'll take a closer look at the Head Center (Types 5,6,7). As a resident Type 6 on the REALIFE Process Team, Chief People Officer, Erica Vinson, joins us today for the conversation.

Go back and listen to previous Episodes 004 & 005 to hear all about the Distractions of the Body & Heart Centers. 

Shout out this week to our REALIFE Process Community member, Mark Ross, for submitting our FIRST Enneagram in Your REALIFE Podcast Question! Check out the episode to hear Mark's question! Mark is an amazing "Encore-preneur" coach providing continued income, meaningful experiences, & social impact in the second half of life. He is a speaker, landscape architect, and artist!

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