007: A Great Conversation with Enneagram Professionals, Clare and Scott Loughrige

Clare & Scott Loughrige have been singing great songs together for a lot of years as a married couple, co-pastors, and Enneagram Professionals. But as Clare shares, they didn't understand why they had some discord until they started to use the Enneagram as a tool for transformation. Clare's exposure to the Harmony Triad Model through the work of David Daniels, helped to bring life to her own teaching called, "Motions of the Soul."

On this episode, the conversation is rich as we dive into:

  • The Loughrige's Journey with the Enneagram
  • ©iEnneagram Motions of the Soul Certification Program
  • A Sneak Peek at their brand NEW Enneagram book co-authored with Doug & Adele Calhoun
  • How the Enneagram has made a difference in their marriage

Clare and Scott's teaching has guided and impacted many of our discoveries at the REALIFE Process™ and is also where our team has received our certification to teach the Enneagram as helping professionals at their 4-day ©iEnneagram Motions of the Soul training/certification in historic Marshall, Michigan.  

We're so grateful for the teaching of the Harmony Triads and can't wait for you to listen in on this robust conversation! 

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