016: [Type 3] A Great Conversation with Leadership Coach, Nancy Beach

Leadership, Teams, and Coaching Circles, oh my! Nancy Beach brings years of experience and invaluable wisdom through the tool of the Enneagram as a Leadership Coach, Pastor, Speaker and more. 

Nancy has always been a passionate champion for artists and leaders in the local church. For over 20 years she served as the Programming Director for Willow Creek Community Church in suburban Chicago, building a community of artists who sought to create transformational moments in Sunday morning church services. Nancy also served as a Teaching Pastor, periodically bringing the weekend message. Currently, Nancy serves as a leadership coach with the SlingShot Group, helping church leaders and teams to flourish in life and ministry. Nancy also uses her teaching gifts to cast vision at conferences and workshops, for both artists and women in leadership. In her book, An Hour on Sunday, Nancy expresses the core vision and values which she believes are foundational to any effective arts ministry. Nancy’s second book is titled: Gifted to Lead: The Art of Leading as a Woman in the Church.

Nancy and her husband Warren live in the village of Barrington, Illinois with their dog, Beanie. They serve at Soul City Church in downtown Chicago where Nancy is on the Teaching Team. Their two daughters, Samantha and Johanna, are both theatrical artists.

To connect with Nancy Beach, visit: www.nancylbeach.com or email Nancy at [email protected]

For more information on Nancy's Worship Arts Coaching Circle, that begins soon, click here!



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