020: The Enneagram and DiSC Profile – A Conversation with Ashley Logsdon

Personality profiles are amazing tools to help us know our best REALSELF in order to live our best REALIFE and do our best REALWORK!

Ashley Logsdon is an expert in the DiSC Profile and works in her business, Mama Says Namaste to, "take families from surviving to thriving by helping them uncover how 'the uniqueness in each of us strengthens all of us'. As Ashley guides parents through identifying their strengths - and also their triggers - it opens to the door to connection. Even with children, parents have to remember their own voice in the home."  

On this episode, we'll explore the Enneagram and the DiSC Profile and notice what wisdom we can gain from each personality tool! Ashley has great tips for using the DiSC with young families, parents, or even kids!  

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  • Website: www.MamaSaysNamaste.com
  • Insta: @MamaSaysNamaste, @FieldTripGypsies
  • Facebook and Pinterest: /MamaSaysNamaste

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