022: Enneagram Harmony Stances [REALIFE Enneagram]

How do you naturally walk into a room? What does it look like for you to show up automatically without a script or off the cuff in relationships? 

Whether we are aware of it or not, we all bring energy as we walk into a room and as we interact in relationships with others! It's the natural way we move!

Enneagram professional and author, Suzanne Stabile refers to this movement as the "Stances." In her book, The Path Between Us she says, "In everyday language, stance describes how we stand or carry ourselves. It's much the same in the Enneagram: stance indicates a posture or attitude that is a habitual, patterned way of responding to experiences. It's the default mode for how a number behaves." 

On this episode, we'll explore the three stances: the Aggressive Stance, the Dependent Stance, and the Withdrawing Stance and how they relate to each Enneagram Type through the Harmony Model. As we find, again and again, the Harmony Model brings us FULL CIRCLE to allow us access to each of the three stances within our natural, authentic personality through the triads! 

This is just the beginning of our REALIFE Enneagram Series that focuses specifically on applying the Harmony Model of the Enneagram to everyday life! 

For more information on the Stances check out these great resources mentioned in this episode:

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