027: A Conversation with Chris, Jamie, Michael and Chris from the Entrepreneurial Family Man

These guys are crazy about their wives, love their children, and wanna kill it in business! Meet Chris, Jamie, Michael, and Chris–from the Entrepreneurial Family Man (EFM)! 

At the REALIFE Process®, we talk about coming FULL CIRCLE and Episode 027 is definitely a full house with three 7's and two 3's engaging in lively conversation! 

On this episode, the EFM guys share how the Harmony Enneagram model has provided greater empathy and compassion in their personal and business relationships, given common language and understanding to increase team collaboration, and even peeled back new layers of awareness to bring them FULL CIRCLE in their head, heart, and gut! 

These guys are incredible family men and entrepreneurs! Join the conversation to hear how they've found great value in knowing their REALSELF through the lens of the Enneagram as they pursue success in business, family, marriage and more!

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The Enneagame - Introducing the world's first game based on the 9 fundamental personality types of the Enneagram. 

The Art of Typing: Powerful Tools for Enneagram Typing by Ginger Lapid-Bogda provides illustrations for each type as mentioned on the podcast. 

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