028: It's My Birthday! [REALIFE Enneagram]

"It's my party and I'll cry if I want to!" Today is my birthday, so we're talking about all things celebration on the podcast! 

We all have ways we naturally move in celebration–some of us check the box quickly and move on to the next thing, others get stuck in the details and memories, and some have a tendency to downplay and forget to experience the magnitude of the moment!

On this episode, we're going to explore three words–


We'll take these words and lay them over the Enneagram Harmony Stances and see how experiencing each of these movements–forward, toward, and away–can help us move FULL CIRCLE in celebration! 

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If the Harmony Triad Model of the Enneagram is newer to you, welcome to the journey! Make sure to go back to visit these episodes to learn more about the Harmony Triads, Centers of Intelligence, and the Enneagram Harmony Stances as we move FULL CIRCLE!

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