029: [Type 3] A Great Conversation with Chad Jeffers – Guitarist for Carrie Underwood

Chad Jeffers is a professional musician, speaker, author, and more! He's traveled the globe with high profile acts including Keith Urban, Kenny Loggins, and is currently out on the Cry Pretty Tour 360 with Carrie Underwood!

Being out on the road touring with a team of over 120 people, Chad knows that relationships matter! Beyond the excellence of the music, he values bringing his best REALSELF as a band and team member. 

As a Type 3 on the Enneagram, Chad has learned how to lean into the richness of his effective, creative side as he writes music, picks up new instruments to enhance the band, and loves how the tool invites him to show up authentically and have grace for others along the way!

On this episode, come backstage with Chad Jeffers as he shares:

  • His passion for music–both writing and playing guitar
  • What instrument he went back and picked up to help the band on the Cry Pretty Tour 360
  • Insights from being in the music business 20+ years
  • What he won't leave home without
  • How the Enneagram is transforming the ways he interacts with others in the band
  • New opportunities he's developing to walk alongside other creatives with a brand new course that's releasing soon!

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Chad's new course, Basic Trax releases soon. It's designed for anyone desiring to get into the music business, those looking to learn about the behind the scenes culture of the craft, or simply the die-hard music fan! To be the first to know when Chad's course is ready, visit backstagenotes.com

Click here to purchase Chad's book 25 Notes for the Successful Musician: The Ultimate Guide to MAKING IT in the Music Industry.

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