030: Rest, Renew, and Review [REALIFE Enneagram]

Living an intentional life includes the 3 R's–Rest, Renew, and Review! Creating space to get up on the balcony of your life to really pay attention to your head, heart, and gut wisdom can be so life-giving! 

At the REALIFE Process®, step five of the process is a 90 Day RESET. While a daily or weekly review is a great practice, the 90 Day RESET is designed to guide you in taking a big-picture view of your REALSELF, REALIFE, and REALWORK.

On this REALIFE Enneagram episode of the podcast, we'll take a pause to look at the first 6 months of the year together and apply the wisdom of the Enneagram to practice the 3 R's as we look at:

  • Why rest is an imperative practice–even for a hard-working, production-driven Type 3 like me! 
  • How renewal can create momentum to keep dreaming, being creative, and leading with passion.
  • What doing an honest review allows you to notice, celebrate, and take action toward.  

We all come at life naturally through one center of intelligence, but through the tool of the Harmony Enneagram, we have connections with other centers of intelligence. Connecting the dots and coming FULL CIRCLE through our head, heart, and gut can bring the practice of rest, renew, and review to a whole new level! 

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  • What are topics you'd like to hear covered on the podcast? 

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