032: 3 Takeaways from the International Enneagram Association Conference

The Enneagram is making an extraordinary impact on a global scale! This past week the International Enneagram Association (IEA) hosted the Global Conference in Oakland, California. 

It was a milestone experience on so many levels! 

  • This year's conference celebrated the 25th Anniversary of the IEA
  • We focused on Foundations for the Future: Moving Forward with the Enneagram
  • It was my first conference as one of the newest IEA Global Board Members
  • REALIFE Process® Team Member, Erica Vinson, attended her first Global Conference as a board representative of the Great Lakes Region Chapter 

The International Enneagram Association exists to create spaces to learn and grow for Enneagram professionals and practitioners such as coaches, therapists, spiritual directors, Enneagram enthusiasts, and more! 

This year's conference was full of vibrant teaching, rich connections with Enneagram professionals and the founders who are responsible for bringing the modern-day Enneagram to the forefront. There's so much to share...for starters, join the conversation on Episode 032 to hear 3 Takeaways from the International Enneagram Association Conference!     

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