033: [Type 7] A Great Conversation with Rhonda Peterson, One of My Business Besties

"As a Type 7, it's risky to put yourself out there, but the energy you get from being with other people balances out the risk." -Rhonda Peterson

This week's podcast guest is an Executive Coach that works with Entrepreneurs and Leaders in the Financial Services Arena, but don't let her professional introduction fool you, Rhonda Peterson is an absolute JOY to be around and one of my business besties! 

Rhonda has been leaning into the tool of the Harmony Enneagram and finding wholeness through the joy of her Head Center–Type 7, walking through her emotions with her Heart Center–Type 4, and shifting her expectations in her Body Center–Type 1, from perfection to excellence! 

On this great conversation Rhonda shares about:

  • Being an Entrepreneur
  • Using the Enneagram to process ideas and risks in Business
  • What Safety & Vulnerability look like for a Type 7
  • The freedom she gained from a coach she respects to "Stop the Madness!" 
  • REALIFE Stories she continues to process through the lens of the Harmony Enneagram to connect dots in her head, heart, and gut

In true transforming Type 7 fashion, Rhonda gives us a buffet of ways to see how even an entrepreneur who loves lots of options can really find joy and freedom in focusing, niching down, and taking worthwhile risks to do the things that truly are life-giving! 

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