034: Do I Need to Take an Assessment to Discover My Enneagram Type? [REALIFE Enneagram]

Do I need to take an assessment to discover my Enneagram Type?  

Many of you have asked, so on this episode, we'll dive in to explore the possibilities around this question and more! 

Beyond the bigger question, we'll talk through: 

  • How an assessment could be helpful in your journey with the Enneagram
  • Other options you might consider to guide you in discovering your Enneagram Type 
  • How long it takes to identify your Enneagram Type
  • Resources and continued support to walk with you as you go deeper in your FULL CIRCLE discovery once you've landed on your Enneagram Type or Home Space and Triad

After joining the conversation, we hope you'll see that the Enneagram is more than just an assessment, and you are more than your Enneagram Type! No matter where you are on the journey if you'd like to continue the conversation, connect with us at therealifeprocess.com

This week's episode is part of our ongoing REALIFE Enneagram Series where we practically apply the tool of the Enneagram and talk about the benefits in our REALIFE! 

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If you're newer to the podcast or the Enneagram, welcome to the journey! Make sure to go back to visit these episodes to learn more about your Enneagram Type, Harmony Triad and moving FULL CIRCLE!

To discover your Enneagram type and Harmony Triad, here are a few tools:

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