035: A REALIFE Conversation with Shawn and Kathleen Loughrige - Processing Grief through the Enneagram

Grief is so painful. Even though it is a natural part of being human, it's quite possibly one of the most difficult experiences we humanly face. In this special edition of the podcast, we will vulnerably look together at the Enneagram as a tool to help us process grief and loss.

The Enneagram continues to be so valuable in offering grace and compassion as our family walks through the process of grieving the loss of our son, Eric. In order to honor Eric's life and carry his story forward, I've invited two dear friends, Shawn and Kathleen Loughrige, to join the conversation as special guests. They are several years ahead of our family on the journey of grief and are so gracious to share their story as we sit together and honor the lives of both of our sons.

On this episode, we'll share openly about:

  • How we all grieve differently
  • The value of huddling together as a family
  • Leaning into grief as a way of healing
  • Holding space for others who are grieving
  • The importance of being gentle with yourself as you grieve

Grief is a lifelong journey. It’s not something we move on from but move forward with. As we honor the stories of our loved ones may we continue to grow in our awareness of how we can come FULL CIRCLE and practice grief in healthier, authentic ways.

Meet this week's guests:

Shawn and Kathleen Loughrige live a full and joy-filled life with four children and five grandchildren! They are both pastors on staff at Crossroads Church in Marshall, Michigan. Kathleen is the Connections Pastor and also has her own business, Purpose-Filled Coaching where she offers Enneagram coaching and does Vocational Coaching for the State of Michigan. Shawn is the Missions and Evangelism Pastor, a Varsity High School Football Coach, and retired State Police Commander who served over Violent Crimes, Biometrics and Forensics. Both have the heart to serve with young people and see them flourish and move forward in healthy ways!  

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