036: I Know My Enneagram Type–So Now What? [REALIFE Enneagram]

You know your Enneagram type–So now what? 

What do you do with the information you receive when you discover your type and how can you really apply it to your REALIFE?

These questions come up often in conversations! On this episode, we'll spend time unpacking the question–"So now what?" as a REALIFE Process® Team as Chief People Officer, Erica Vinson joins the conversation. 

Together we'll explore:

  • How discovering your Enneagram Home Type is helpful
  • How the Harmony Triad Model offers opportunities for the Enneagram to be transformational rather than just informational 
  • A REALIFE Enneagram moment with FULL CIRCLE awareness–Head, Heart, and Gut
  • A Practice you can apply to your everyday ordinary life, to STOP and experience Harmony

We know the Enneagram is one of many personality profiles available in today's culture. At the REALIFE Process®, we're not interested in having you simply find your type, we know that you're more than just your type and we value REALIFE application!

The Harmony Triad Model of the Enneagram provides ways for us to show up and live FULL CIRCLE integrating our head, heart, and gut wisdom to be our best REALSELF, live our best REALIFE, and do our best REALWORK. But don't just take our word for it, come and experience it for yourself! 

REALIFE Resources mentioned on this episode:

If you're newer to the podcast or the Enneagram, welcome to the journey! Make sure to go back to visit these episodes to learn more about your Enneagram Type, Harmony Triad and moving FULL CIRCLE!

To discover your Enneagram type and Harmony Triad, here are a few tools:

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