037: Enneagram in Your REALWORK

The Enneagram is an amazing tool for self-awareness and development! It can be applied in your everyday, ordinary life, and also the work that you do! 

We're kicking off an exciting new series on the podcast called, Enneagram in Your REALWORK. Over the next few weeks, we'll have some incredible guests that will dive deeper into using the Enneagram in the workspace. Together, we'll explore:

  • Building Your Teams

  • Strengths Finder and the Enneagram

  • Working with Millennials

  • Starting with Your People

In his book, The Big Leap, Gay Hendricks references moving from your Zone of Excellence into your Zone of Genius. We know the gap may seem wide between where you are and where you want to be, but the big leap is possible!

The Enneagram is a transforming tool that can help you to make the leap into your most authentic REALSELF and come FULL CIRCLE as you move forward as an entrepreneur, business owner, or growth-minded leader! 

Join us for this introductory episode on the Enneagram in Your REALWORK and make sure to subscribe to the podcast so you don't miss any of the series! 

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Are you looking to get more comfortable with your Enneagram Type and Triad?

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If you're ready to do take a bigger picture view of your REALSELF, REALIFE, and REALWORK through:

  • Designing your REALIFE View
  • Creating Action Projects
  • Identifying Realistic Action Steps
  • Organizing your Calendar with Time Blocks
  • Learning to create rhythms of Rest, Renew, and Review

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