039: Stacking Your Team - A Great Conversation with Shelli Warren [Enneagram in Your REALWORK]

When it comes to stacking your team, Shelli Warren is an expert! Shelli brings more than 25 years of people development experience with Fortune 50 Corporations including Procter & Gamble Inc. which has given her an invaluable skill set that she leverages with every single client she serves.

Shelli is the Chief People Officer for BizChix, an organization that coaches female CEOs to lead high performing teams. She is the host of the Stacking Your Team Podcast, and is a brilliant speaker! 

In all of her years of experience, Shelli has come to appreciate Personality Profiles, including the Enneagram, and sees great value in incorporating the personality tools as part of the hiring process in building your business and dream team!

On this Enneagram in Your REALWORK episode, Shelli shares about: 

  • Embracing her Enneagram Type & tendencies as authentic gifts
  • Using your Enneagram Style to Stack Your Team
  • How to Hire, Onboard, Train & Lead Your Team
  • What Team Members are REALLY looking for as part of your team

Connect with Shelli Warren:

Website: www.bizchix.com
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/shelliwarren2
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/shelli_warren/

If you'd like to meet and hear from BOTH Shelli Warren and your host, Teresa McCloy, make plans to come to BizChix LIVE in Irvine, California, November 8-10, 2019! 

Shelli will be speaking about Leading a High-Performance Team and Teresa will be taking the stage to share about building a Productive Calendar! 


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