040: The Intersection of Strengths and the Enneagram – A Great Conversation with Chris Heinz [Enneagram in Your REALWORK]

"For a while, I looked at Strengths and got along just fine–but now that I'm learning from the Enneagram, I wouldn't want to go without either of them." –Chris Heinz, @enneagramandstrengths

No matter what personality profile you're most familiar or comfortable with, there is often something useful in exploring other tools and opportunities. After years of working as a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, Chris Heinz encountered the Enneagram.

While he still values and teaches Strengths, he is now also certified with the ©iEnneagram Motions of the Soul and it's what he's found at the intersection of the two tools that have been enlightening and really deepened his whole-self wisdom! 

On this Enneagram in Your REALWORK episode, Chris shares about:

  • Connections and Value of both Strengths and the Enneagram
  • Making the Choice to Engage as a Type 9
  • A Celebrity Encounter that turned into a Hero Dad Moment as he leaned into his 3-6-9 Harmony
  • Using the Language of the Enneagram in Marriage and Family
  • His discovery at the Intersection of Strengths and the Enneagram

Meet our special guest, Chris Heinz:

As a trainer and coach, Chris Heinz uses Strengths and the Enneagram to help people soar. He's the Chief People Officer for EnergyCAP, Inc., where he runs an innovative employee engagement program. In addition, he's a frequent speaker for Penn State as a top-rated Learning Partner. Chris is a Gallup Certifed Strengths Coach, Accredited Enneagram Professional, and Associate Certified Coach. He's also the author of the “Made To Pray” book and prayer assessment, which helps people find their prayer strengths. Chris lives with his wife and three children in central PA.

Connect with Chris Heinz:

Check out "The Enneaman" by Asia Heinz

The Enneaman by Asia Heinz


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