044: Going All-In with THE ENNEAGAME™ [Enneagram in Your REALWORK]

What do you get when you combine two Type 7s who just happen to be best of friends and both are Enneagram Enthusiasts?

When John Niemeyer and Richard Goff put their heads together, a wildly fun card game based on the 9 Personality Types of the Enneagram was born!

In this episode, you'll meet my friend John Niemeyer, one of the co-creators of THE ENNEAGAME™! John gives us the scoop not only on this brand new game that just shipped out last week but he also shares with us so much great insight into the strengths and challenges that a type seven experiences in creating a product and getting it to market.

And if that wasn't enough, another one of my dear friends, Chris Niemeyer (who just happens to be John's brother) makes a surprise appearance as co-host with me to ask a few questions as only a big brother can! 

If you've experienced discovery through the tool of the Enneagram in Your REALIFE and are looking for ways to share it with your friends and family, try your hand at THE ENNEAGAME™! 

As the holiday season approaches, grab your copy of the game Enneagram enthusiasts, practitioners, families, and friends will be playing around the table at: www.TheEnneagame.com.

Follow THE ENNEAGAME™ Creators on Instagram: @TheEnneagame

At the REALIFE Process®, we love looking for ways to apply the tool of the Enneagram. While we know it's certainly not a game, we believe that the tool can be introduced in creative ways through opportunities like THE ENNEAGAME™ that create community and foster deeper conversations. 

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