047: The Millennial Whisperer - A Great Conversation with Chris Tuff

The Millennial Generation is 75 million strong and will make up 75% of the workforce by 2030! 

Knowing that truth, what if there was a playbook that focused on working with and motivating the world's largest generation? 

Look no further, Chris Tuff is the self-proclaimed Millennial Whisperer and author of the USA Today Best Selling Book, The Millennial Whisperer: The Practical, Profit-Focused Playbook for Working With and Motivating the World's Largest Generation. 

Chris is passionate about creating real connections that foster empathy and compassion. In his book, he provides practical ways for leaders to build a corporate culture in which Millennials can thrive, establish effective rewards systems at lower costs, address disciplinary methods effectively, and more! 

As a guest on this episode of the podcast, Chris shares about: 

  • Taking action and the power behind the phrase, "By When?" 
  • Pairing up leaders to maximize strengths
  • How to motivate, incentivize, and have difficult conversations with Millennials
  • His passion for the Enneagram as a tool for empathy and compassion
  • Identifying your "currency" in the workplace

REALIFE Resources from this Episode:

Chris has been so generous to provide a FREE Chapter of The Millennial Whisperer as well as a FREE Millennial Leadership Assessment. Click themillennialwhisperer.com/realife to receive your chapter of the book and assessment. 

Click here to purchase your copy of The Millennial Whisperer

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Instagram: @tuff22

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