048: Practicing Gratitude Through the Enneagram

'Tis the season to be grateful! While the United States is preparing to celebrate Thanksgiving, we realize that the practice of gratitude is a life-giving one all year long.

Although you are certainly more than your Enneagram Type through the Harmony Triad Model, on this episode we’ll go all the way around the circle and explore how each type practices gratitude.

It’s a powerful thing to notice the authentic gifts you bring to the world and lean into the ways you are created to be your best REALSELF!

And...the great news is that since gratitude is truly a "practice," it means as we increase our awareness and exercise our thankfulness, we can truly grow to develop daily habits and rhythms of more intentional FULL CIRCLE living! 

REALIFE Resources to practice gratitude: 

We are so grateful for you as listeners of the Enneagram in Your REALIFE Podcast! It's truly been an extraordinary year!! 

If you're interested in doing some self-discovery or desiring to increase awareness on your work team, the Enneagram is such a transforming tool when experienced in Harmony:  

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REALIFE Enneagram Circles offers three weeks of training through StartingPoint to explore–the 3 Centers of Intelligence, the 9 Enneagram Types, and the Harmony Triad Model followed by a monthly membership community with access to done for you resources to use the tool of the Enneagram with clients and those with whom you serve.  

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