051: Embracing the Holidays as a Single Dad

Navigating the holidays as a single parent brings unique challenges and when you're labeled as the "Clark Griswold" of your family the expectations are well, let's just say...a little over the top!  

Besides being a Christmas loving Type 2 on the Enneagram, Rob Henson is a dad and a disciple on the journey to serve well. In the secular world, he serves in the financial services industry and also walks specifically with fellow dads as a coach through the practice of mindfulness.

On this episode, Rob shares about:

  • Embracing the Holidays as a Single Father of 4
  • Moving from a "Clark Griswold" Mindset to embrace Presence and Mindfulness
  • Creating Margin for Self and Soul Care as a Daily Practice
  • Developing the 3 A's of Mindfulness – Attention, Awareness, and Acceptance

Make sure to catch the transforming question that Rob begins each day with that has taught him to lean into his Type 2 and asking lovingly for the help he needs. 

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