052: Embracing the Holidays When Christmas Feels Blue

It's a "WONDER-FULL" Life!  

As a wife, mom of four young adult daughters (including a set of twins), and the Founder and CEO of a residential construction firm, Victoria Mininger, definitely leads a full and abundant life!   

Victoria is a beautiful Type 2 on the Enneagram who embraces each day with joy and has a passion for people that is contagious! Among the valuable life lessons she so generously offers, she is vulnerable to open her heart to talk about her struggle with clinical depression and the growth she's experienced along the way. 

On this final episode of the Embracing the Holidays Series, Victoria shares about:

  • Her struggle with depression especially in seasons of expectations when the need to "help" others is magnified
  • Practical ways to manage energy and embrace the winter and holiday blues
  • How she moved to take action to become the owner of a construction company
  • Hiring her Type 8 husband to work with her and how they lean into the 2-5-8 Harmony Triad together
  • Her passion to "build people" beyond building things

As we continue to embrace all that they hold this year–the light and the darkness, the cheer and the tears, the presence and the loss–may we continue to lean into the authentic truth of who we are–head, heart, and gut to know that our whole stories matter and we get to bring them forward because "everything belongs." 

More about guest, Victoria Mininger:

Victoria is a wife to her husband Brian of 23 years, together they have four young adult daughters, with three in college and their youngest currently a junior in high school.

Victoria is also the Founder and CEO of Bear Creek Outdoor Living - a residential construction firm in Central Virginia, where she leads with her husband and a team of craftsmen and women.
Victoria’s passion is to build people and see them grow to their fullest potential as they hone their craft and pursue their own dreams and goals. Victoria often says this about her heart for
Bear Creek - “At Bear Creek, we build stuff but more importantly we strive to build people.”

Alongside her work at Bear Creek, Victoria also spends time coaching and mentoring other small business women who work alongside their husbands in business.

To find out more about Victoria’s work and how to connect with her, visit:

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