054: Creating Space for Soul Care

Happy New Year! As you move into 2020, have you considered how you will create space to care for your self and your soul? 

This week's guest on the podcast, Kelly Skinner, is an entrepreneur and the visionary behind Soul Care, a new retreat center in Urbana, IL that offers learning, resources, connection, and a quiet space for rest and reflection — all in one convenient location.

Kelly built Soul Care to create a heart-centered community of spiritual practitioners and seekers who are living with intention into our most authentic selves.

On this episode, Kelly shares: 

  • How she's leaned into the self-awareness she has gained through the tool of the Enneagram
  • Her journey as an entrepreneur
  • How she has weaved the harmony of her 8-5-2 even through the physical space of her business

As you listen in on this great conversation, consider how you're planning to practice caring for your soul to be your best REALSELF in the New Year...and maybe that includes finding a place like Soul Care to rest, renew and review on a regular basis!

More about guest, Kelly Skinner: 

Kelly Skinner is passionate about helping people learn how to incorporate spiritual wellness into their daily life. She believes that having practices and habits that help us to stay centered and calm can help us keep balanced and stay aligned with our intentions for how we want to live.

A mom of 5 kids and one 180 pound mastiff, Kelly has called St. Joseph, IL home for the past 11 years. She’s an active member of St. Patrick’s Catholic Church and a fan of contemplative mystics both old and new. She's a​ daily user of her Bullet Journal, a wishful cookbook collector, and a lover of all things green. She's a proud Enneagram 8 and a huge fan podcasts in general, but especially Science Mike and The Liturgists podcast.

Connect with Kelly Skinner at Soul Care Urban Retreat Center: 

  • Website: experiencesoulcare.com
  • IG: soulcare.experience
  • Facebook: soulcareexperience

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