055: One Year Celebration

This episode marks the One Year Anniversary of the Enneagram in Your REALIFE Podcast! 

Through REALIFE stories, interviews, and practical application we continue to invite you to consider how the tool of the Enneagram can apply in your life and work. 

We are so grateful for you as listeners and are humbled in the past year to have over 36,000 downloads and have given away over 130 FREE Enneagram Typing Guides! It's been truly extraordinary!! 

Thanks for celebrating with us and taking the time to savor some of the highlights of the past 52 weeks! 

Enneagram in Your REALIFE Podcast Year One Highlights 

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Top Downloaded Guest Episode

Integrating the Enneagram with Other Great Tools

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Distraction Zones Series

Communication Series

Leadership Series

The Enneagram In REALWORK Series

REALIFE & Embracing the Holidays Series

As we celebrate this first year of the Enneagram in Your REALIFE Podcast, we're looking forward in 2020 to continuing the conversation each week applying the Enneagram in your life to discover how accessing the best parts of you–IQ, EQ, and GQ–can help move you forward in the things that matter most! 

Thanks again for walking with us on the journey! 

REALIFE Resources from this Episode:

As we move into 2020, the REALIFE Process® is creating space for authentic community through our REALIFE Retreats. Registration is open now for our first retreat that we'll be hosting February 21-23 at the heart of the REALIFE Process® on the McCloy Farm in Mason, IL. Click here for all the details and registration information

If you're interested in experiencing the harmony of the Enneagram and the wholeness it invites you to:

If you're an Enneagram practitioner or enthusiast looking to use the tool in the work that you do, check out REALIFE Enneagram Circles

REALIFE Enneagram Circles offers three weeks of training through StartingPoint to explore–the 3 Centers of Intelligence, the 9 Enneagram Types, and the Harmony Triad Model followed by a monthly membership community with access to done for you resources to use the tool of the Enneagram with clients and those with whom you serve.  

A brand new cohort will be starting in February 2020!

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Teresa McCloy is the creator of the REALIFE Process®, an ACC Executive Coach, and an IEA Accredited Enneagram Professional who helps entrepreneurs, business owners, and leaders discover and live out their best REALIFE! She has worked with clients from all over the world to help them bring clarity to their REALIFE and joy to their REALWORK!

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