060: Winston Faircloth – A Type 3 Navigates the Seasons of Life

"In five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes–
How do you measure a year in the life?"

-Seasons of Love by Donny Osmond

Many times for a Type 3 on the Enneagram, life is seen through the lens of success or failure–and I confess, it's often how we measure the seasons of our lives. 

This week on the podcast, my good friend and fellow Eaglepreneur Mastermind Member, Winston Faircloth joins me to share about the four major seasons of his life.

Winston's journey includes time in the not-for-profit space, a season as a budding entrepreneur that moved him into equipping entrepreneurs and consulting, to supporting and leading multiple million-dollar organizations.

Through the seasons of success and even what feels like the failures of life, Winston has grown to embrace that "All of our life experiences–good or bad–equip us for what's next." 

Today, Winston Faircloth helps Future 7 Figure CEOs align, grow and scale the businesses of their dreams, leveraging their lifetime of experience so they can step into the life God has uniquely designed for them.

As a business strategist and mentor, Winston's mission is to share lessons from his three decades of leading multi-million dollar organizations, including drawing upon the contrasts between two previous businesses he founded to guide and inspire others to take a new path and reinforce new mindsets. 

On this episode Winston shares: 

  • Insights into the Seasons of Life and the power of discovering patterns
  • Leveraging successes and failures as lessons to be curious about what is possible in the next season
  • What a Type 3 can have in common with a chameleon in their adaptive behaviors
  • The one piece of advice that served as the best gift he was given moving into 2020
  • How the Enneagram Harmony mantra Release–Relax–Receive has brought his story FULL CIRCLE
  • His unique principle called the "Value Paradox"

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