061: Using the N.O.W. Method with the Enneagram

What would you give to be able to show up in the present moment more authentically? 

It's likely that you've been there–right in the middle of a moment that triggers a past memory. Your natural instinct kicks in and takes over and before you know it you've said or done something you regret or shrink back in fear to avoid the conflict. 

Either way, as you reflect on the moment and begin to realize the adaptive behaviors that took over as you reacted automatically, you wish you had responded differently in the midst of the moment. 

This week's episode is all about responding "N.O.W." to the present moment. We'll unpack a simple practical application you can use right in the middle of extraordinary moments and even the ones that catch you off guard to help you check in with all 3 Centers of Intelligence rather than operating on autopilot out of only one center! 

The more you practice applying "N.O.W."  the more quickly your reaction will change to a FULL CIRCLE response! 

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