062: Engaging Your Personality to Get Paid to Speak with Guest, Kent Julian

When it comes to professional speaking, there's no shame in busting your signature move! 

Knowing your personality style can be so helpful in leveraging opportunities to effectively market your services as a professional speaker and allows you to show up and stay true to your most authentic self!

On this week's episode, Certified Speaking Professional, my fellow Mastermind member, and special guest, Kent Julian joins us to share some great wisdom on engaging your personality to get Paid to Speak. 

Pull up a chair and listen in as Kent shares:

  • How both the DiSC and Enneagram profiles have served him well in his journey as a speaker
  • The power of picking up on natural personality tendencies of key decision-makers
  • The importance of listening from the perspective of other's personality rather than your own style
  • How understanding personality style increased communication with kids and parents as he served as a Youth Minister and champion Swim Coach
  • Unique insights on how to get Paid to Speak

Personality profiles can be more than "shelf help" as Kent says when we apply their whole self wisdom to the grooves of our everyday, ordinary REALIFE! 

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Meet Kent Julian

Kent Julian is a lot of things... family man, champion swim coach, Certified Professional Speaker, fish taco lover, and proud bald guy. Yet, this hasn’t always been the case. Kent started out as an at-risk child with severe learning challenges and SAT scores so low that he had to take Development Studies just to get into college—on probation.

From these humble beginnings, Kent went on to become the Executive Director of a national youth association in order to help teenagers just like him. Then, after 20 years in non-profit work, he did something crazy... he launched two successful businesses.

Along the way, Kent realized that the successes he experienced
were never “his successes.” Each accomplishment came about
because of the teams he was privileged to lead. Whether working
with millennial students, coaching championship swim teams, or
leading his own businesses, success was the result of committed, engaged teams.

Now, with his expertise in leadership and employee engagement, he is privileged to speak, write, and consult leaders and teams all over the country on what it takes to create what he calls “DREAM-to-DO” culture.

You can find his work online in places like Entrepreneur.com, Success.com, GoodMenProject.com and more. To find out more, visit KentJulian.com.

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