069: Exploring the REALIFE Process® - REALIFE Living

What difference could regular rhythms of REST, RENEWAL and REVIEW make for you? 

As we move into our fourth and final step of the REALIFE Process®, we'll explore what it looks like to actually build in intentional space and practically live out the 3 Rs as part of our weekly calendar! 

We'll use the lens of the Harmony Enneagram to bring FULL CIRCLE wisdom–head, heart, and gut to notice how we both need and yet may resist rest, renewal, and review! 

Just incorporating the 3 Rs into your REALIFE Living can give such margin and breath in the midst of prosperous seasons and also right smack dab in the middle of crisis too. 

Building your own REALIFE Process® will provide a sustainable framework and modern-day "Rule of Life" that you can come back to again and again to keep you grounded and living your best REALIFE as your best REALSELF!


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About Teresa McCloy:

Teresa McCloy is the creator of the REALIFE Process®, an ACC Executive Coach, and an IEA Accredited Enneagram Professional who helps entrepreneurs, business owners, and leaders discover and live out their best REALIFE! She has worked with clients from all over the world to help them bring clarity to their REALIFE and joy to their REALWORK!

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