079: The Enneagram Through the Eyes of a Teenager with Asia Heinz

Have you stopped to ask your kids how they're doing in the midst of the global pandemic?

On this week's episode, we have a special treat for you–Asia Heinz is an insightful, creative, joyful young lady who loves the tool of the Enneagram and...she's only 17 years old! 

Asia is a junior in high school and is the podcast host of the brand new show "SOAP" (a clean podcast, available on Spotify) geared toward teenagers her age to provide a place for deeper conversation.

Listen in as Asia shares from her beautiful Type 4 teenage heart about:

  • Things she's grown to appreciate more during the pandemic
  • How a brand new creative outlet has emerged as a result of being stuck at home
  • What she's learned about processing her emotions and feelings as a Type 4
  • How the Enneagram is helpful for her whole family dynamic and provides both parents and kids greater understanding and empathy

Being able to 'see' the Enneagram through the eyes of a teenager is such an extraordinary experience! As we mentioned on the podcast, we don't ever recommend typing young children as their ego structures are still forming. With teenagers, like Asia, who are curious and intuitive, we always encourage parents to allow kids to do their own discovery.

We have provided an additional FREE Resource page with several REALIFE Process Recommended Family Resources below that can help to guide your discovery as a parent, as well as resources that will support teenagers in their discovery too! 

Check out Asia's Podcast "soap" on Spotify

REALIFE Resources: 

Click here to access the REALIFE Process Recommended Family Resource Page

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Asia's Dad, Chris Heinz with her original creation, "The Enneaman."

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