080: The Enneagram and Forgiveness with Brenda Reiss



Forgiveness is a choice. Sometimes we feel we've been wronged. Other times it's us who have wronged someone else. Either way, we feel either in our head, heart, or body and being able to name and be aware of where it shows up for each of us is powerful! 

This week on the podcast we'll use the tool of the Enneagram to explore the lifelong journey of forgiveness with Forgiveness Coach, Brenda Reiss. 

Brenda shares that we teach what we often need to learn ourselves. After walking through multiple divorces and realizing she was blaming herself and her body was breaking down physically in the process, she started doing some deeper excavating and came across a Forgiveness Coach–it was just what she needed. 

In her personal journey not only to forgive her former spouses but also herself, Brenda discovered the wisdom of the Enneagram and has developed her own Radical Forgiveness Process to invite others to experience a change of perception and greater freedom through forgiveness.

On this episode you'll hear Brenda share about: 

  • What is a Forgiveness Coach? 
  • How has discovering she's at home as Enneagram Type 1, invited her to greater awareness and healing in her body? 
  • How can understanding your personality type lead to greater self-forgiveness and self-acceptance? 
  • Practically using a Forgiveness List to identify triggers, feelings and discover patterns that lead to wholeness

Connect with Guest Brenda Reiss, Forgiveness Coach and CEO of Brenda Reiss Coaching:

More about Brenda: We don’t always know how holding grudges or resentment can interrupt our daily lives let alone businesses.  Yet it does.  Brenda guides women entrepreneurs and business owners to discover where those grudges can be keeping them stuck and limiting their ability to achieve their goals and dreams.  This changes their life experience and creates space for the business and relationships they are ready to create.

Brenda’s books “Forgive Yourself” and “Journey to Your Heart Space” are available on Amazon and are excellent resources for those unable to attend her live workshops or group online course.

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