081: Sales and the Enneagram with Justin Janowski

When you hear the word "sales," what comes up for you–head, heart, and body?

Notice your reaction without judgment, pause, and then take a deep breath!

Mindset matters when it comes to sales and it doesn't have to feel sleazy! In fact, just shifting your perspective and approach to sales can help you embrace it as serving others and it can actually feel like love when you lean into it as your best REALSELF. 

This week on the podcast, my friend and coach, Justin Janowski joins me to share his approach to sales. Justin is a Type 7 on the Enneagram and is just getting to know the tool and Harmony Model. 

On this episode, you'll hear him share about:

  • How the tool of the Enneagram has made an impact on his life and his marriage
  • The joy he's experienced in getting in touch with his Type 4 heart space as a true salesman
  • The danger of labeling and lumping with Enneagram Types
  • Embracing the power of curiosity in communication and sales

As an entrepreneur, business owner, coach, or consultant, you may have a great heart for service but struggle with the sales piece or money mindset of doing business.

Justin serves as a coach and through his company, Faith2Influence, works with Christian men in business to help them develop sales, leadership, and relationship skill sets and integrate all three to win more at work, home, and in their faith.

In addition, he also works with coaches to support, challenge, and develop scalable coaching businesses and empowers coaches to build the right business models at the right prices, and sell them at really high integrity, high converting way. 

Connect with Guest, Justin Janowski:

More about Justin Janowski - Faith2Influence Founder & CEO:

Justin has spent the past 14+ years mastering sales and leadership. He is an exceptional leader to the Faith2Influence Team and clients, with a capacity to help people transform their lives and remember who they really are.

Justin lives in Colorado Springs with his beautiful wife, Kara, and their daughter, Grace, and son, Gavin.

Outside of business, Justin’s greatest passions are his faith, his family, sports, adventures, and giving.

REALIFE Resources Mentioned on this Episode:

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