084: The Full Circle Story of Esther Littlefield

There's something about a full-circle moment! 

This week on the podcast I'm excited for you to meet Esther Littlefield. Esther is a business owner, writer, podcaster, and a recovering perfectionist who loves personality profiles! 

On this episode, she shares:  

  • How the Enneagram has made a difference in her relationships and especially her marriage
  • Her full-circle journey as a business owner and entrepreneur
  • Her passion for helping women lead with confidence, shine online and amplify their message

Through Esther's story, you'll see how her Enneagram Harmony Triad 1-4-7 helps her tap into all three centers of intelligence as she lives full-circle!  

More about our Guest, Esther Littlefield: 

Esther Littlefield is a writer & host of the Christian Woman Leadership Podcast as well as the Christian Woman Business Podcast. She is passionate about helping women embrace their gifts and lead with confidence. She also loves helping Christian business owners shine online and amplify their message.

Esther is a pastor’s wife and mom of one. Esther enjoys leading women’s Bible studies, missions trips, marriage retreats, and her business team.

Esther resides in Maine with her husband Scott, daughter KJ and their 2 cats and 2 leopard geckos. In her free time, you may find Esther enjoying a cup of coffee, exploring the great outdoors, or convincing her husband or a friend to take a road trip to see her favorite band.

Connect with Esther: https://estherlittlefield.com/

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