089: Introducing the REALIFE Process® Podcast


Welcome to the REALIFE Process® Podcast! You may be thinking, wait, what? I thought this was an Enneagram Podcast! 

What we've discovered over the past 88 weeks is that we LOVE the tool of the Enneagram, but to bring you the best of all we've got, we've got to repackage it to bring you the FULL CIRCLE, complete experience! And who doesn't want that? 

In order to bring greater congruency and help you live out the wisdom of the Enneagram in your everyday, ordinary life, we've got to share the REALIFE Process® Framework with you!

It's about building a Modern Day Rule of Life to bring the best of who you are as you create areas of focus and projects that tie to your values and needs and then direct your energy and time to be productive with the things that really matter. 

Are you tired of living life with your hair on fire? There is another way and it is sustainable when you accompany it with practices and rhythms of rest and renewal!

Through the new podcast, we have opportunities for you to interact with our REALIFE Process® Team through: 

  • Community
  • Content
    • Watch for worksheets, handouts, and amazing guests
  • Coaching
    • Submit a question you'd like to receive coaching around and we'll be in touch with you at [email protected]

Are you ready to live out what truly matters in your life and put it into actionable projects and sustainable practices?

Our team of coaches and facilitators are ready to support you!

REALIFE Resources: 

Visit our website to download the FREE Resource, "5 Things to STOP Doing in Your Workday." 

We believe that the work to recognize and respond to our patterns of behavior, both authentic and adaptive is rich when done in community with others. That's why we've created rhythms of REALIFE Process® Retreats

We're so excited to be hosting our next REALIFE Process® Virtual Retreat on September 18 & 19. There's still time to register and a few spots remaining!

Are you just getting started with discovering the FULL CIRCLE harmony of the Enneagram? 

Download our FREE Enneagram in Your REALIFE Typing Guide.

Connect with your host, Teresa McCloy on:

About Teresa McCloy:

Teresa McCloy is the creator of the REALIFE Process®, an ACC Executive Coach, and an IEA Accredited Enneagram Professional who helps entrepreneurs, business owners, and leaders discover and live out their best REALIFE! She has worked with clients from all over the world to help them bring clarity to their REALIFE and joy to their REALWORK!

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