090: What Are Your Needs?

No matter how organized your calendar is or whether you have it color-coded, if you're not living out your needs and values, you're still going to feel unfulfilled! 

Often we trivialize the things that really matter to us–dismissing our needs and values to keep the peace and avoid conflict in our work and home relationships. 

Knowing and naming your needs is such an important way of living FULL CIRCLE! 

On this week's episode, we'll start our exploration with needs and discover together:

  • What are needs?
  • How can identifying your needs and understanding others improve your communication and connection in personal and professional relationships? 
  • How can resistance be an indicator of unmet needs?
  • Once you've named your needs, how can you live them out in your REALIFE?

Make sure to CLICK HERE to download the FREE REALIFE Needs and Values Worksheet to begin naming your needs. 

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We'll use an extensive Needs and Values Profile to help you gain greater awareness of your REALSELF and help you build in your Needs and Values to your own sustainable REALIFE Process® Modern Day Rule of Life!

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