095: Discernment - The Practices Behind the Process


What is discernment and how is it different than decision making? 

Discernment is a practice that "opens us up to listen to and recognize the voice and patterns of God's direction in our lives." –Adele Calhoun

As you're moving into this final quarter of the year, it's no small thing to consider what you value, the necessary action to move forward in your areas of focus, how you'll allocate your time and ways of building in rest and renewal to sustain it all. 

Taking time to listen, asking for help, and paying attention to the desires deep within you can make such a difference.

Behind the Modern Day Rule of Life, we call the REALIFE Process®, are tools and practices that strengthen the foundation of the framework. In this four-part series, we'll explore the practices of discernment, solitude and silence, prayer, and the Examen. 

In this episode, we'll discover: 

  • The difference between discernment and decision-making
  • How discernment can bring your head, heart, and gut into alignment with God's will
  • Ways to apply and practice discernment as a rhythm

While you can reactively make decisions along the way and survive, building in the practice of discernment can help you connect more deeply with what's most authentic about who you are created to be and connect your values to your action steps.

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