278: Captivating Stories of Faith from the Maddens' Real-Life Experiences



Welcome back to the REALIFE Process podcast. In this episode, EP278 titled "Captivating Stories of Faith", we are thrilled to welcome Jay and Rebecca Madden, authors of "Breathless: Finding God in Ordinary Life." Prepare to embark on a captivating journey through their personal stories shared from 30 years’ worth of journal entries, transporting us into moments where God made His presence known in the most unexpected ways.

Join us as our hosts, Teresa McCloy and Jay and Rebecca Madden engage in an enriching conversation about the profound impact of spiritual practices like solitude, journaling, and the Sabbath. We'll hear firsthand how these practices have transformed their lives, offering insights into overcoming the fast-paced buzz of life to find a more sustainable and fulfilling rhythm.

From Jay's inaugural experience with solitude to Rebecca's paradigm shift that led to embracing God's direction, we will explore the heartfelt revelations that come from paying attention to subtle nudges and discerning significant life decisions.

Don't miss the powerful lessons on slowing down, actively waiting for God's visions, and finding the extraordinary in the ordinary. Get ready to be inspired, and perhaps you'll discover the beauty of holding things loosely and the peace that comes from being present in the moment. So, let's dive into this enriching discussion on the REALIFE Process podcast.

Time Stamps:

00:00 Discover God's movement in "Breathless Haste."

03:34 Stories shared resulted in writing a book.

08:06 Journals provided concrete evidence of divine intervention.

12:45 Scripture exploration and its significance in decision-making.

16:26 Embrace everyday life and offer it to God.

19:59 Praying Wife book helped in unexpected moments.

20:26 Finding purpose led to a life-changing move.

25:12 Implementing daily practices for grounded, intentional living.

29:30 Solitude varies, but I prefer being active.

32:40 Monthly reflective time; embracing different

33:18 Feeling stuck, finding freedom through choice.

39:20 Practicing the Sabbath brings reflection and real stories.

41:28 Beautiful conversation with Jay and Rebecca, dive in.

About our Guest:

Rebecca and Jay Madden were born and raised in South Carolina, where they first met and later tied the knot. At mid-life, Jay left the business world to answer God’s call to a life dedicated to serving and impacting others. This new chapter took them to Chicago, Illinois, and eventually to Atlanta, Georgia, where they both currently serve at Peachtree Church: Jay as the executive pastor and Rebecca as women's ministry director. Their writing began with personal journals that they have kept throughout the years. Rebecca and Jay have a deep passion for sharing their experiences with God, both in the extraordinary and ordinary moments of life, with the hope of encouraging and inspiring others in their journeys of faith.

Link to Jay and Rebecca Madden

breathlesshaste.com findinggodtoday.com

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