288: Problems - The Realife Process for Business Success: Problems ( Week 7 of 8)


Welcome back, friends, to another episode of the Doing What Matters Podcast! I'm your host, Teresa McCloy, and today we're diving into the sixth 'P' in our ongoing series on the Seven P's of Business—Problems. In this episode, we'll explore how to handle problems effectively using a straightforward method that I've found invaluable in both my own business and the businesses of countless entrepreneurs I've coached. We'll cover everything from defining the problem to brainstorming solutions and setting actionable steps. Plus, I'll share details about an exciting, free masterclass I'm offering on July 8, 2024, for coaches looking to grow their businesses. Stick around for another enriching episode as we tackle the inevitable challenges that come our way and turn them into opportunities for growth. Let's dive in!
Time Stamps:
00:00 Teaching 7 P's for sustainable business growth.
05:07 YouTube channel discusses troubleshooting various business processes.
07:37 Collaborative problem-solving using a mind map.
11:40 Stopgap measures led to a new website. Launching soon.
15:00 Address problems in team meetings to resolve.
18:06 Stay positive, reframe problems, take time. Visit reallifeprocess.com.
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