126: Who Are Your Whos?


Shifting just one core question you ask yourself can make all the difference! Rather than asking, “How will I accomplish this?” Dan Sullivan and Dr. Benjamin Hardy suggest asking, “Who can help me achieve this?”

Who, not How–it’s a simple mindset shift that can make a big impact. Instead of limiting your potential to what only you can do, you’ll start focusing on the extraordinary connections between yourself and others as well as the transforming possibilities that come from connection!

In this episode, we’ll unpack:

  • REALIFE examples to develop your “Whos” and maximize your impact
  • The two questions you need to clarify in order to give your “Whos” the power to make the How happen
  • Our signature REALIFE People Block worksheet to begin to identify your “Whos”

By asking the question, “Who, not How” you’ll begin to focus on what only you can do, save time, and increase profit from combining your passion and possibilities all while doing what matters most!

Who Not How by Dan Sullivan & Dr. Benjamin Hardy – available on Amazon

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