130: Recovery and the REALIFE Process® with RLP Coach, Terri Johnson


Living in recovery comes down to daily surrender. It’s a journey of doing the next right thing, and although the word “recovery” in and of itself certainly includes freedom from drug and alcohol addiction, the truth is that we all have coping behaviors and addictions that we are in need of surrender from in order to live our best REALIFE.

This week on the podcast, REALIFE Process Coach™ and Project Manager, Terri Johnson joins us to share her journey in recovery and how the framework of the REALIFE Process® complements the daily work that she does personally, as well as the impact it has on her clients.

As a Certified Alcohol & Drug Counselor Terri has experience with leading others toward greater self-awareness, developing healthy coping skills, and strengthening their relationships. She is passionate about recovery, whole-self living, and sharing the journey with others.

Terri brings years of group and individual coaching and counseling experience to the work she does with the REALIFE Process®.

Listen in as Terri shares responses to these questions and more:

  • What is the difference between counseling and coaching?
  • Can you have both a counselor and a coach?
  • How are sobriety and recovery unique?
  • At what point in the recovery journey is coaching a valuable next step?
  • How do the components of the REALIFE Process® complement recovery?

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